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Keeping You Focused on Your Business

Financial peace of mind is the result of a well-run business. We want to ensure our clients’ efforts are focused on managing their business, not on compliance issues required by banks and Canada Revenue Agency. We will assess and address your needs to help your business succeed in any environment, as well as produce the required reporting.

At Winston & Company, we work closely with our clients to integrate personal and corporate tax planning, ensuring that taxes are minimized.  We also asses the corporate structure and make sure it is efficient to meet your needs and achieve your goals from a tax and legal perspective.

  • Notice to Reader or Compilation Engagements

    Compilation engagements do not provide any assurance. The information is provided by the client and a statement is then prepared to ensure the end product makes sense. The compliance engagement is governed by professional standards which must be met, and the level of work performed far exceeds that of non-designated accountants and bookkeepers. The use of these statements is limited, and is usually required by CRA or financial institutions providing financing not requiring a review engagement.

  • Reviews

    A review engagement differs from a compilation in that we provide negative assurance in our report issued; “Nothing has come to our attention that materially differs from generally accepted accounting principles for Private Companies”.

  • Trust Audits

    We provide compliance services for lawyers and real estate trust audits as required by their (Law Society and RECA) governing bodies. We offer additional services and assist with any issues that may lead to deficiencies if not remedied.

  • Corporate Tax & Individual Tax Planning

    Our job is not just to assist with the statutory filing of returns required by Revenue Canada (CRA); we also give advice to minimize your taxes on both a corporate and personal level (integration). Tax laws are constantly changing and it is our goal to stay one step ahead by understanding why these changes are made and how they affect each business entity. Taxation is not a stagnant issue and we spend numerous hours and resources on professional development to understand the changes and what we can do to mitigate their effects. Our goal is to leave our clients with as much disposable income as possible by executing careful strategies and future tax planning.

  • Specialized Work & Consulting

    Winston & Company provides many specialized services to assist business owners and individuals. Our professional staff can assist our clients in the areas mentioned below:

    Valuation Services

    • Estate freezes
    • The future sale of a business
    • Corporate reorganization to allow new shareholders to buy into the business
    • Facilitation of non-arm’s length estate planning

    Forensic engagements

    • Matrimonial work
    • Shareholder disputes resolution
    • Valuation of damages in business interruption insurance claims
    • In any circumstance of economic loss, we can assist with the quantification of that loss